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North Cyprus News - Check-in at Ercan

High Airfare Costs Deter Students From Flying Home

Fewer foreign students are expected to travel home for the mid-term holiday because of soaring airfare prices and the unpredictability of pandemic rules, Yeniduzen reports. As February approaches, many foreign students who have been looking forward to seeing their families again during the semester break, are having to reconsider leaving the island. President of the Tourism and Travel Agencies Union Orhan Tolun, said that for the past two years, students have been hesitant to go on holiday because of the high cost of plane tickets and the uncertainty of changing

North Cyprus News - Testing for Covid-19

Coronavirus Case Numbers For 16/01/22

In the last 24 hours, 23,527 tests for the coronavirus were performed, 588 positive cases were detected and one person died, BRT reported on Sunday. One positive case came from abroad, while 587 were local cases. The distribution of which are as follows: Nicosia – 242, Kyrenia – 145, Famagusta – 126, Güzelyurt – 34, Iskele – 30 and Lefke – 10. Currently, 6,532 people are undergoing treatment for Covid-19, 58 patients are in the Pandemic Hospital and 13 are in intensive care. To date, the total number of cases

North Cyprus News - Turkish Lira

Four Telephone Scammers Arrested on Friday

Four people were arrested in Kyrenia on Friday suspected of attempting to defraud an elderly woman out of her savings, Yeniduzen reported. A police statement said that a man had telephoned a woman in her seventies, claiming to be a prosecutor. He suggested that the money in her bank was being used by the FETO terrorist organisation and that she should withdraw the money and give it to the state. The report goes on to say that the woman panicked and went to the bank to withdraw the money from

North Cyprus News - Coronavirus - omicron-variant

Coronavirus Case Numbers Fell on Friday

In the last 24 hours, 20,214 tests for the coronavirus were performed, 551 positive cases were detected, all local, Yeniduzen reported on Friday, 14 January. The distribution of local cases are as follows: Nicosia – 245, Kyrenia – 79, Famagusta – 156, Güzelyurt – 29, Iskele – 23 and Lefke -19. Currently, there are 7,044 people being treated for the coronavirus, 62 patients are in the Pandemic Hospital and 12 are in intensive care. To date, the total number of cases is 45,477 and 148 people have died from the

North Cyprus News - Ambulance

Young Traffic Accident Victim in Intensive Care

A 19-year-old pedestrian who sustained a cerebral hemorrhage after she was knocked down by a driver in Kyrenia on Wednesday, 12 January, is now conscious, Yeniduzen reported today. Doctors say that the bleed on the injured woman’s brain has stopped and she remains under observation in the intensive care unit at Suat Günsel Hospital, in Kyrenia. On Wednesday, Firdevs Asya Koçak, 19, was struck down by a car driven by Etem Uğurlu, 47 on Bedrettin Demirel Street in Kyrenia while she was crossing the road at around 6.30 pm. Yeniduzen

North Cyprus News - Gas Bottles

Bottled Gas Prices to Remain Unchanged

The price of domestic bottled gas will remain unchanged, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy and Energy Şahap Aşıkoğlu, has said, Yeniduzen reported. Stating that there will be no hike or reduction in bottled gas and fuel prices at the moment, Aşıkoğlu noted that bottled gas and fuel prices are determined according to the stock market price and dollar rate on the day, and that no discount can be made until the rate falls below the rate of the last pricing day. Bottled Gas Shortages  The problems experienced in terms

North Cyprus News - Coronavirus - omicron-variant

Coronavirus Case Numbers For 13 January

In the last 24 hours, 21,443 tests for the coronavirus were performed of which 788 people tested positive and three people died from the virus, BRT reported on Thursday, 13 January. The distribution of cases is as follows: Nicosia – 353, Kyrenia – 182, Famagusta – 182, Güzelyurt – 23, Iskele – 31 and Lefke – 17. Currently, there are 7,209 people undergoing treatment for the coronavirus, 46 patients are in the Pandemic Hospital and 11 are in the intensive care unit. The total number of cases to date is

North Cyprus News - Faiz Sucuoglu - Labour Minister

PM Discusses Failing TRNC Economy With Turkey

Prime Minister Faiz Sucuoğlu has met with Vice President Fuat Oktay in Ankara to discuss North Cyprus’ economic problems, BRT reported.  Speaking at a press conference he held at Ercan Airport on his return to the island, Sucuoğlu said he and Oktay had discussed the TRNC’s economic problems in detail and their meetings had been very positive. The prime minister went on to say that he had had a one and a half hour meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. He said that they had discussed the subject of

North Cyprus News - Testing for Covid-19

TRNC Won’t Abolish PCR Tests For The Asymptomatic

The Supreme Committee on Health is deferring a decision to abolish the requirement for persons testing positive for Covid-19 but showing no symptoms to have a PCR test until the peak of the new omicron variant of the coronavirus has passed, Kibris Postasi reported. Chairman of the Communicable Diseases Supreme Committee Dr Deren Oygar told Kibris Postasi that the decision to abolish the PCR test under those specific circumstances will likely spread worldwide.  On Wednesday, Turkish Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca stated that Turkey would abolish the PCR test requirement