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North Cyprus News - power cut

Kib-Tek Announces One-Hour-Long Power Cuts

Friday, 24 June  One hour-long alternating power cuts have begun today across the country because Kib-Tek is unable to meet the demand for electricity, Kibris Postasi reported. Kibris Postasi

North Cyprus News - Dursun Oğuz - Minister for Agriculture

Winds Blowing Fire Towards Beşparmak

Friday, 24 June  A fire which was extinguished in the Ağıllar region has reignited and is heading toward Beşparmak, Minister for Agriculture Dursun Oğuz said, Yeniduzen reported. The fire, which had been put out two days ago, broke out again at around midday today and is heading towards the maquis area on Beşparmak, the minister said. Oğuz stated that two firefighting planes and four helicopters had intervened in the fire. In addition to this, he said  that the fire had spread to a wide area in Tatlısu, Mersinlik and towards

North Cyprus News - Kantara Fire

State is Ill-prepared For Forest Fires Biologist Says

Friday, 24 June  Recriminations about the devastating fire which has raged in the Mersinlik area of Kantara for four days and is spreading down towards Tatlisu have begun. The former President of the Biologists’ Association Hasan Sarpten has pointed the finger at the government, blaming it for lack of appropriate forest maintenance and firefighting aircraft. Speaking on a ‘Morning Post’ programme he said the following: “[There is] Insufficient infrastructure, lack of personnel. Firebreaks need to be cleared at regular intervals. Land lying underneath high-voltage cables needs to be cleared, none

North Cyprus News - Firefighting Helicopter

Mersinlik Fire Now on Its Fourth Day

Friday, 24 June  The joint response from south Cyprus, the British bases, Israel and Turkey who have deployed firefighting aircraft to quell the fire in Mersinlik which has been blazing for four days, Yeniduzen reported. The fire has been spreading at intervals when fanned by strong winds. Minister of Agriculture Dursun Oğuz announced that the fire was prevented from passing to the east of Mersinlik Ardahan road last night. The District Governor of Iskele Ertuğrul Toroslu, said that the fire is currently on the way down to the beach between

North Cyprus News - Kib-Tek Power Station

Kib-Tek Facing Fuel Shortage Again: CTP

Thursday, 23 June  Kib-Tek has only two days of fuel left, CTP deputy Salahi Şahiner has said, Yeniduzen reported. In a written statement, Şahiner said “At a time like this when the country is experiencing a fire disaster, it is only a matter of time before the country is plunged into darkness in the scorching heat“. Şahiner said, “While we are trying to overcome all these troubles, a new crisis is waiting for us at the door“, adding that “Kıb-Tek’s fuel is about to run out and dark days are

North Cyprus News - Kantara Fire

Five Firefighting Aircraft Deployed For Kantara Fire

Thursday, 23 June 2022 Five firefighting aircraft have been deployed now to quell the fire in the Mersinlik region of Kantara, BRT reported. Chairman of the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Committee, Hüseyin Cahitoğlu, said that the fire has reached a catastrophic level with the effect of the strong wind. Cahitoğlu stated that with the initiative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, two firefighting planes took off from Israel around 08:00, and that the planes with high fire extinguishing capacity and equipped with fire extinguishing equipment at night would reach

North Cyprus News - Firefighting - Helicopter - Kantara

Firefighting in Kantara Region Continued Overnight

Thursday, 23 June 2022 The battle to quell the fire which broke out on Tuesday afternoon in Mersinlik in the Kantara region and fanned by strong winds, continued by air this morning, Yeniduzen reported.  At 06.10 today  President Ersin Tatar stated that firefighting on the ground had continued throughout the night, and the aerial response began again in coordination with ground crews in the early hours of the morning. Visiting the coordination centre established in Ardahan, President Tatar in a statement to the Turkish Agency Cyprus (TAK), said that all

North Cyprus News - Mersinlik - Kantara Fire

Fire in Mersinlik Continues to Spread

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 Two workers have been arrested for causing the fire which broke out in Mersinlik on Tuesday afternoon, Yeniduzen reported. The fire, which continues to spread, has changed direction with the wind and is now headed east towards Altınova and Ağıllar. Intensive efforts are continuing to quell the flames, with four people overcome by smoke inhalation one of whom is a firefighter. All been hospitalised. The cause of the fire was attributed to a short circuit in a work vehicle. Two men were arrested and have been

North Cyprus News - CTP press conference

Turkish Cypriots Face Existential Crisis: CTP

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 Criticism of the terms of the new economic protocol signed with Turkey in April continues, Yeniduzen reported. Opposition politicians, unions and NGOs have lashed out because of the limits it places on union activities, the liberal granting of TRNC citizenship to Turkish citizens, privatising ports, broadening the scale of taxes and strengthening religious influence in the country, which is largely secular.  Yeniduzen reports that Chairman of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Tufan Erhürman, speaking at a press conference with the slogan “Embrace Your Will, No to