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Ercan. - Air Traffic Control Tower

Air Traffic Controllers to Strike on Monday

The Air Traffic Controllers Union (HTKS) has announced plans to commence a general strike at 10 am and to gather in front of the Prime Ministry at 11am on Monday, in support of a protest organised by livestock breeders and public sector unions, Yeniduzen reports.  In their statement, the union criticised the UBP – YDP – DP government for attempting to remedy the consequences of its flawed policies with external solutions, while simultaneously benefiting green capital and its allies.  The union stated, “We no longer wish to see you in

North Cyprus News - Traffic police

Two Drivers Arrested During Traffic Checks

In traffic inspections conducted by police yesterday, 458 out of 2,025 drivers checked were cited for various traffic violations, with 2 drivers being arrested, Yeniduzen reports. Additionally, 35 vehicles were banned from use on the roads by the police. According to the police press release, 179 drivers received fines for using their mobile phones while driving. Among the violations, 173 drivers were cited for exceeding the speed limit, 20 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 15 for operating vehicles without valid registration, 7 for not wearing seatbelts, 3 for

Demo demanding improved road safety - Commemorating Ali Garginsu's death

Call For Road Safety: Remembering Ali Gargınsu

A demonstration was held in front of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport to raise awareness about traffic safety in memory of Ali Gargınsu, who died in a traffic accident ten years ago, Yeniduzen reports. Banners reading “No More Alis Should Die” and “We Want Justice” were displayed, and families left black wreaths at the Ministry’s entrance. Some members of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) also participated in the protest. CTP Youth Organisation President Çise Mevlit delivered a statement on behalf of the participating groups. She criticised the current

Beykoy Artillery Range

Unexploded Shells on Firing Range

The District Governor for Nicosia, Cemal Kuyucu, has warned that unexploded shells were found in the Beyköy Heavy Weapons firing Range area despite all efforts to retrieve them. He issued a written statement saying that artillery firing exercises were carried out in the Beyköy Heavy Weapons Firing Range between 15-26 April and that unexploded shells had been found in the area despite all searches and attempts to recover unexploded ordnance.  Kuyucu requested that these shells, which may threaten* the life and property of citizens, be reported as soon as they

Tomography Machine

First Tomography Machine For Lefke

Residents of Lefke and beyond will now be able to have a CT scan at their local hospital as a new tomography machine has been installed at Cengiz Topel Hospital in Yeşilyurt, Kibris Postasi reports. The first CT scan has been performed at the hospital, it was announced. Minister of Health Dr. Hakan Dinçyürek, who spoke about the new machine recalled that, a few months ago, it was promised that a tomography machine would be installed at Cengiz Topel Hospital and that it would serve the people of the region,

Tatar welcomed in Melbourne - Australia

Tatar First TRNC President to Visit Australia

President Ersin Tatar made history by becoming the first TRNC President to visit Australia, BRTK reported yesterday.  His visit was part of the efforts to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Turkish Cypriot culture and traditions in Australia, attending festivals and events aimed at preserving their heritage. Tatar’s journey commenced in Melbourne, where he was warmly received by the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey, Doğan Işık, TRNC Melbourne Honorary Representative Hasan Sayar, and association presidents. The statement from the Presidency highlighted the enthusiastic welcome from the Turkish Cypriot community

Airplane - wheels down

GPS Malfunction Raises Concerns at Ercan Airport

The nightmarish moments experienced during the Istanbul-Ercan flight once again revealed the fragility of air security. Mustafa Sofi, the Director of the Civil Aviation Authority, addressed the ongoing GPS issues at Ercan Airport, stating, “We currently lack a prognosis for when the issue will be resolved, as similar problems persist in the South as well”, Kibris Postasi reports. Due to a malfunction in the GPS system at Ercan Airport, the plane suddenly took off again almost as soon as it landed. The fact that the plane had to circle in

Illegal sale of cigarettes and vapes

Arrested for Selling Duty-Free Cigarettes

Following operations conducted by police and customs teams in Nicosia and Boğazköy, two individuals were arrested for possessing duty-free cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and electronic hookahs, Yeniduzen reports.  According to a statement from the Police Press Office, at around 3pm yesterday, a check was conducted by Police and Customs and Revenue Department teams at a market on İplik Pazarı Street in Nicosia, operated by R.F.T. (19). It was discovered that 133 electronic cigarettes and 44 packs of cigarettes were being kept and offered for sale without customs clearance. These items were

Traffic Accident - Nicosia

Drunk Driver Crashes in Nicosia: No Injuries

A traffic accident occurred this morning on the north Nicosia bypass, Yeniduzen reports.  A drunk driver lost control of his vehicle, crossed the concrete barrier, and was able to stop only after hitting a dirt embankment. There were no injuries in the accident, but the driver was arrested. The accident happened at around 6.30a m on the north Nicosia bypass. According to information provided by the Police Press Office, a 26-year-old named Anyaogu Chıjoke Izuchukwu, was driving a vehicle under the influence of 182 milligrams of alcohol, heading westward. Upon

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