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North Cyprus News - Accident

Motorcyclist Injured in Road Traffic Accident

Thursday, 11 August, 2022  A motorcyclist was injured on the Nicosia – Güzelyurt main road at around 1am this morning, Kibris Postasi reported. According to the Police Press Officer, a 26-year-old man was driving under the influence of 116 mg of alcohol when he drove into the back of a motorcycle which was travelling in the same direction. The motorcyclist, a man aged 31, was taken to Nicosia State Hospital and following treatment, remains under observation in the Neurosurgery department. The driver of the car has been arrested. Kibris Postasi

North Cyprus News - Coronavirus

Latest Coronavirus Case Numbers

Wednesday, 10 August, 2022  The Covid-19 infection numbers between 3-9 August is as follows: 113,433 tests were performed and 1,439 people tested positive. There were two deaths recorded. BRT

North Cyprus News - Drill Ship Abdulhamid Han

Turkey Resumes Drilling Operations in Med

Wednesday, 10 August, 2022  Turkey restarted its hydrocarbon drilling operations in the eastern Mediterranean on Tuesday after a two year hiatus, the Middle Eastern Monitor reported. Turkey’s President Erdogan pointed out that the new drillship ‘Abdulhamid Han’ would operate outside waters also claimed by [south] Cyprus. Turkey’s fourth drillship will operate 55 kilometres off Gazipasa in the southern coastal region of Antalya, Erdogan said. “The survey and drilling work we are conducting in the Mediterranean are within our sovereign territory. We do not need to receive permission or consent from

North Cyprus News - Unions March - Protest Again Cost of Living

Strike Action Imminent if no Consultation on Wage Laws

Wednesday, 10 August, 2022   President of the Cyprus Turkish Public Officials Union (KTAMS), Güven Bengihan, said that if there is no response to the demands and suggestions regarding the Law Regulating the Monthly (Salary-Wage) and Other Allowances of Public Employees, there would be wild-cat strikes, BRT reported. Bengihan, in a written statement on behalf of 18 unions, noted that as of today, there has been no response to their meeting with the Ministry of Finance officials about the law and their demands on this issue. The union leader warned that

North Cyprus News - Fire at Yenibogazici Beach Restaurant (2)

Fire Ruins Yeniboğaziçi Beach Restaurant

Wednesday, 10 August, 2022  A fire broke out this morning in a restaurant on Yeniboğaziçi Public Beach, BRTK reported. According to the Police Press Officer, a significant amount of damage was caused to the building. The Fire Department and the Forestry department have been fighting the fire and cooling work continues. BRTK

North Cyprus News - Ersin Tatar - Islamic Games

Tatar Attends Opening of Islamic Games in Konya

Wednesday, 10 August, 2022  President Ersin Tatar met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and visiting heads of state at the opening of the Islamic Solidarity Games being held in Konya, Yeniduzen reported. Tatar’s attendance at the opening has become a matter of controversy because Turkish Cypriot sportsmen/women were not invited to participate in the games, and there were calls for Tatar not to attend the opening of the games. In a separate article, Yeniduzen reported that the President of the Cyprus Turkish Football Federation (KTFF) Hasan Sertoğlu said, “Stop

North Cyprus News - Lefke municipal dump - fire

Lefke Locals Complain About Air Pollution

Tuesday, 9 August, 2022  Residents in the Lefke region have been posting on social media the effects of a fire at the local dump, which has been smouldering for the last three weeks, Yeniduzen reported. Three weeks ago, the fire brigade, Forestry Department, Civil Defence, Lefke Municipality, tourism and agriculture ministries and helicopters were all deployed to fight the fire which broke out at the Lefke municipal dump. Yeniduzen reports that a bulldozer will arrive at the municipal dump tomorrow and cooling work will continue. Locals have been complaining about

North Cyprus News - Sunny weather - Sea

Latest Weather Forecast

Tuesday, 9 August, 2022  Air temperatures will fall slightly, the Met Office has said in its forecast covering today until 15 August, Yeniduzen reported. The highest temperatures will be 35-38 C inland and 30-33 C on the coast. Winds will be moderate from the south and west. Yeniduzen

North Cyprus News - Test Tubes

NEU Develops Rapid Test For Monkeypox

Monday, 8 August, 2022  The Near East University (NEU) has developed a diagnostic kit which can detect monkeypox within one hour of testing, Yeniduzen reported. The World Health Organisation has declared Monkeypox to be a “global emergency”. However, it is unlikely that the disease will spread to pandemic proportions. A major study shows that the group mostly likely to be infected is men who have sexual relations with other men [NBC report]. However, precautions are necessary. NEU gained a great deal of experience during the Covid-19 pandemic studying PCR diagnostics