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Professor Turgay Avcı

Head of YÖDAK Suing For Slander

Allegations that President of the Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board (YÖDAK) Professor Turgay Avcı had a fake university degree have been

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Kyrenia Harbour

Restoration of Kyrenia Harbour Still Not Complete

Despite the fact that spring is approaching, restoration work on old Kyrenia harbour has not been completed fully, CTP representative for Kyrenia Fazilet Özdenefe said, Yeniduzen reports. Restoration work on the old harbour, which was expected to be completed within six months, began in December 2022. Since which time, there have been a number of delays. Özdenef, in a post on social media, called for work to be completed as soon as possible. “There can be no spring without Kyrenia, no Kyrenia without the harbour“, she said. The MP for

Maria-Angela-Holguin-Cuellar - new UNSG rep in Cyprus

Holguin’s Statement on First Cyprus Visit

UNSG Personal Representative in Cyprus Maria Angela Holguin, in a written statement, said that her first visit to the island was quite satisfactory, Yeniduzen reports, Stating that her aim during her visit to the island was to establish first contact with Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders and to listen to civil society actors, former negotiators, international community representatives, young people, academics and other experts, Holguin said: “Different perspectives enriched my understanding of the complexity of the situation and I want to continue listening. There are many important critical voices”,

North Cyprus News - Rain

Showers to Continue All Weekend

Rainy weather will continue until Monday, 19 February, the Met Office has said. Occasional showers are expected until noon on Monday. Temperatures will be around 15 – 18 C inland and on the coast. Winds will blow mainly from the north and west, moderate to occasionally strong on rainy days, Yeniduzen

Turgay Avci YODAK - Tatar

Tatar Defends Universities Reputations

President Ersin Tatar met with President of Higher Education Planning, Supervision, Accreditation and Coordination Board (YÖDAK) Professor Turgay Avcı, other members of YÖDAK and university representatives [pictured above] said that, “No one can use universities for their own personal benefit“, Kibris Postasi reports. President Tatar was referring to the recent discovery that university degrees were being sold by high-level administrators at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University.  The President in his acceptance speech, drew attention to the importance of universities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is under

Traffic Police

Police Cite 473 Motorists For Traffic Offences

Traffic police inspected a total of 1,522 vehicles last night, resulting in 473 drivers being cited for a variety of traffic violations, Yeniduzen reports. As a result of the police monitoring  344 motorists were fined for driving above the legal speed limit, 8 for driving under the influence of alcohol, 4 for driving without insurance, 15 cases of using a mobile phone while driving, and 15 for driving without wearing a seat belt.  A total of 473 vehicle drivers were reported for various traffic offences, including driving without a licence

Cigars - cigarettes seized

Large Haul of Illegal Tobacco Products Seized

A large quantity of illegal tobacco products, especially cigars, have been seized by government authorities, Kibris Postasi reports. According to information obtained by Kibris Postasi, checks conducted nationwide by the Crime Prevention Department affiliated with the Police General Directorate targeted unlicensed tobacco and alcohol sales outlets. As a result of the inspections, numerous illegal tobacco products, primarily cigars, were seized. While the police are expected to continue their inspections, the Basic Health Services Department affiliated with the Ministry of Health occasionally seizes many illegal and expired goods through its inspections.

Celebi Ilık - DP

MP Offers to Resign Over Diploma Scandal

A prominent figure from the Democratic Party (DP) Celebi Ilık, who was arrested in connection with anomalies regarding bachelor and master’s diplomas, has offered to resign from his position as Cooperative Companies Registrar, Yeniduzen reports. He is accused of obtaining Bachelor’s and Master’s diplomas by “inciting the General Secretary and Dean of the university to issue false documents” with the intention of fraud and defrauding, without taking classes and exams in order to obtain a Master’s degree.  Ilık has appeared in court and been released on bail.   A number of

Calls For no More Mining Permits After Landslide in Turkey

Independence Road Lefke Regional Manager Enver Bıldır issued a written statement expressing support for the families of nine mine workers who were buried underground as a result of the landslide* in the area where gold mining is being carried out in Erzincan İliç in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey, Kibris Postasi reports. Independence Road also argued that granting mining permits is on the agenda in the country and stated that they should fight together to prevent this permission from being granted. Noting that millions of tons of soil reaching

Professor Turgay Avcı

Investigation Into Alleged Sale of Uni Diplomas

The President of the Higher Education Planning, Evaluation, Accreditation and Coordination Council (YÖDAK) Professor Turgay Avcı to Yeniduzen and announced that the Council will examine all graduates of Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University.  It has been reported that some senior academicians were involved in financial fraud and the issuing of bogus graduation certificates. Dr. Avcı pointed out that there are deficiencies in higher education, and emphasised that digital infrastructure is needed to eliminate the deficiencies and said, “This needs to be implemented as soon as possible”. Avcı stated that

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