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North Cyprus News - Petrol pump

Fuel Supply Issues To Be Resolved This Weekend

Long queues were seen at petrol stations this morning, however a fuel tanker has arrived at the island, Yeniduzen reported. According to the Petroleum Association. unleaded 95 octane petrol will be delivered to K-Pet garages this afternoon and diesel will be delivered on Saturday morning. Alpet garages are receiving diesel supplies today, the statement said. Yeniduzen reported that fuel supply issues would be resolved by noon tomorrow and that all garages would have supplies of diesel and petrol by tomorrow morning. Referring to the fuel shortages in North Cyprus,  Economy

North Cyprus News - Cars Queue - Petrol Station

Some Garages Close As Fuel Supply Runs Out

Following the shortage of diesel, petrol stations have now run out of 98 octane petrol and some petrol stations have closed because of fuel shortages, Yeniduzen reported.  Member of the Petroleum Association Board of Directors Cemil Erdenay, said that there had been panic buying as people had rushed to refuel their vehicles.  Erdenay stated that there is no 98 octane petrol left at K-Pet and Alpet dealers, and that 95 octane petrol stocks will last until this evening. A fuel tanker is expected to arrive at the island this evening

North Cyprus News - Public Buses

No Diesel No Public Transport From Monday

There will be no public transport available from Monday unless diesel is supplied by Saturday, President of the Cyprus Turkish Public Transport Association, Menteş Aytaç told Yenidüzen.  He called on the government to address this issue as a matter of urgency. Aytaç said that it had been reported that the supply tanker had not arrived, while others said that stocks were being hoarded in anticipation of price rises.  The shortage will affect everyone in the public and private sectors including students requiring transport, he warned. Yenidüzen

North Cyprus News - Coronavirus - New Variant

Latest Coronavirus Infection Numbers

In the last 24 hours, 16,135 tests for the coronavirus were performed, detecting 273 positive cases, 216 of which were local, and three people have died, BRT reported on Wednesday. The distribution of new local cases is as follows: Nicosia – 78, Kyrenia – 63, Famagusta – 42, Güzelyurt – 12, Iskele – 13, Lefke – 8. There are 3,155 people being treated for the coronavirus, 78 patients are in the Pandemic Hospital, 23 of whom are in intensive care. The total number of detected cases of the coronavirus to


Strong Winds And Below Average Rainfall

Rainfall is predicted to be below seasonal norms in the period up to 20 December following which, rainfall is expected to increase to seasonal norms, Director of the Met Office Raif İlker has said, Kibris Postasi reported. He said that winds will continue to blow strong from the north and west, storm force at times. Buran told the TAK news agency that there is a storm force 8 at sea and it is expected to continue on into the evening. Air temperatures, currently, are average for the season, he added.

North Cyprus News - Petrol pump

No Diesel Supplies For Past Two Days

There has been no diesel available on the market for the past two days, Gasoline Association President Levent Çağdal has said, Yeniduzen reported. He added that he has no real idea as to when more diesel will arrive on the island.  Çağdal told Yeniduzen that world fuel prices have increased due to the rise in the dollar exchange rate and that distribution companies have been importing products in small lots for the past few months in order to protect profits, and therefore logistics has been disrupted. “Distribution companies want their

North Cyprus News - Kib-Tek Power Station

Oil Tanker Unable To Deliver Fuel To Teknecik

An oil tanker bringing fuel to Teknecik Power Plant has been unable to approach the port due to ‘weather conditions’ and remains anchored offshore, Yeniduzen reported. Kıb-Tek Board Member Ali Akın Önder said that there was a delay in the analysis of the fuel on the ship at the first stage, so the transfer could not be made. Önder stated that there is no problem regarding the fuel supply and that the operation will be carried out when weather conditions permit. However, the former leader of the Cyprus Turkish Electricity

North Cyprus News - Kyrenia Castle - rear view

Young Man Dies After Trying To Save Friend

A 20-year-old man has died after attempting to rescue a friend who had slipped into the sea while taking photographs behind Kyrenia Castle on Tuesday, BRT reported. The man taking photographs was named as Kuksami Lubaki (28) who lost his footing while taking pictures behind Kyrenia Castle on Tuesday afternoon. He fell into the water and his companion named as Mohamed Lamine Diakite who tried to rescue him, also lost his footing and fell into the water. Both men were rescued from the water by people on the scene. They

North Cyprus News - police arrest

Man Arrested For Shooting Pedestrian On Main Road

Two young men walking along the Kyrenia-Güzelyurt main road were involved in a shooting incident today, Kibris Postasi reported. The two men, one only identified with the initials B.I. aged 21 and the other identified as B.Z.U. aged 19, were walking along the road when a vehicle drew up and a man got out of the car and fired a shot. The young man identified as B.I. was badly injured after he received a shot to his calf. He was taken to Nicosia State Hospital and is currently being treated