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North Cyprus News - Long Beach

Racial Prejudice Condemned by All Parties

At Glapsides Beach, signs reading “Pakistanis are not allowed on the beach” and “Blacks are prohibited from entering” have stirred significant controversy. Many in the community support these signs, which has drawn attention and criticism. Political party leaders, speaking to Kibris Postasi, condemned the signs as inhumane and called for zero tolerance towards racism. They emphasised the need for immediate action, reminding that hate speech is illegal and violates human rights. Tufan Erhürman: This is Racism and Inhumane Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Chairman Tufan Erhürman labeled the signs as acts

Woman arrested for attempting to murder her son aged 9

Detention Extended For Woman Who Tried to Murder Son

In Nicosia, a woman who was arrested on charges of attempting to kill her 9-year-old son, appeared in court again today as the police are seeking an extension to her detention, Kibris Postasi reports. Police officer Emrah Turgal testified in court, presenting the findings of the investigation. Turgal stated that the defendant, N.Y., had planned the act due to a psychological breakdown. On June 9, 2024, around 3pm, at her home in Nicosia, she attempted to strangle her son with a 150 cm long bathrobe belt taken from a hotel

100 euro banknotes

Arrested For Passing Fake Euro Banknotes

A 53-year-old man, M.F., visited a petrol station in Güzelyurt on June 14 and 16, purchased 1000 TL worth of fuel for his vehicle and paid with two 100 Euro banknotes, totalling 200 Euros, which are believed to be counterfeit, Kibris Postasi reports. The banknotes had the serial numbers SC 3009486470 and SC 3009486473. In return, he received 5,960 TL in cash as change. According to a police statement, M.F. has been arrested. To ensure  Euro banknote is genuine, hold it against the light – the thread will appear as

North Cyprus News - Thermometer - Hot weather

Red Alert For Tourists Travelling to Med

British tourists have been cautioned as the UK issued a “red alert” for those traveling to Cyprus, Greece, Turkey, and Spain. The British Foreign Office has revised its travel advisories for these popular holiday destinations in light of an impending heat wave expected to bring record-high temperatures to the region, Kibris Postasi reports. UK travellers have been urged to stay alert and take necessary precautions as temperatures are set to soar across these European hotspots. This warning comes as Brits face an exceptionally hot summer, particularly in Cyprus, where temperatures

Arrested for illegally importing 640 Kg of meat

Arrested For Illegal Import of 640 Kgs of Meat

A man who was apprehended with 640 kilos of illegal meat in Akıncılar and subsequently arrested, was brought before the court. He claimed that he had found the meat by the roadside, Yeniduzen reports. During the court proceedings, police sergeant Hüseyin Ergüleç provided details of the investigation. Ergüleç testified that on June 18, 2024, teams from the Nicosia Police Department’s ÇÖŞ unit stopped a four-door pickup truck they believed to be suspicious on the Famagusta – Nicosia highway. Upon searching the vehicle, they discovered 640 kilos of various meats illegally

Protesters demand Justice for Naveed Akbar

Protesters Demand Justice After Fatal Drunk Driving Incident

  A protest seeking justice for Naveed Akbar, who tragically lost his life after being struck by a drunk driver in Gemikonağı on the night of June 15th, has drawn attention and support from family, friends, and international students. They organised a “Justice for Naveed Akbar” march, demanding accountability for the soldier involved in the incident, Yeniduzen reports. Naveed Akbar (26) was killed when Mehmet Eren Erdoğan, an intoxicated driver and a soldier in the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) stationed in Cyprus, crashed into him while he was sitting on

North Cyprus News - Water Tap

No Water Supply to Karşıyaka Region

There will be interruptions to water supply to the Karşıyaka nightclubs area, Harmony villas, Arıklı site and Olympus area due to the malfunction in the Karşıyaka region, Kibris Postasi reports. According to the announcement made by Lapta-Alsancak-Çamlıbel Municipality on social media, it is planned that the fault will be repaired and water will be supplied tomorrow morning. All local residents were requested to take the necessary precautions and use water economically. Kibris Postasi

North Cyprus News - Beach

Racist Comments Unfortunate Mayor Says

Famagusta Mayor Süleyman Uluçay reacting to racist comments made by a restaurant owner on Glapsides Beach, described the comments as “unfortunate”, Yeniduzen reports. In a written statement, Uluçay said: “The private operator of Glapsides Beach, located within the boundaries of Famagusta Municipality, regrettably made an unfortunate decision by stating that it would not allow people from certain countries or anyone bringing food and drink on to the beach. I want to emphasise that we will never accept this approach, which directly violates human rights, and we will take the necessary

Illegal migrants found - Karsiyaka coast

Allegations That Some Unis Used For Trafficking

The Republic of Cyprus has filed a complaint* with the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA) about the universities in the north, Yeniduzen reports.  According to a newspaper report, it is stated that the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus, in their complaint petitions, have presented evidence showing that 188 third-country nationals who came to the universities in North Cyprus with student visas immediately crossed to south Cyprus and applied for political asylum. It was stated that ENQA has initiated an investigation into whether these universities in

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